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5 Tips for Hot Yellow Pages Ads

Yellow Pages advertising is one of the mostpopular forms of advertising in the country today.Almost every home in America (96.9%) and businesshas at least one copy of "the book".

Almost three out of five (58%) of all adults saythey check the Yellow Pages for a phone numberand/or address at least once per week, with 77%using the book monthly.

While the Yellow Pages are an excellent referencetool, they fare less well when considered as anadvertising medium. People use the Yellow Pages tolook for a familiar name. If your otheradvertising works, then fining you in the YellowPages should be a snap.

Remember, once the book is published, you can'tchange your ad until the next publish date.

Here BIG Mike's 5 Tips to make your Yellow PagesAd HOT.

1 - Sell the benefits

Put a headline on your ad pushing benefits.Explain how the benefits will help your prospectfulfill their needs.

2 - Forget extra cost color

The only thing color has been proven to do inYellow Pages advertising is increase the price youpay for the ad.

3 - Ask for the order

Writing "Call us now at xxx xxxx" will get moreresponses than if you simply listed you phonenumber.

4 - Write like you talk

Inject your personality into everything you write.No-one wants to read boring and stuffy legal-ease.Use short sentences and words. Use simple languageUse the word 'you'.

5 - Avoid Bragging

Don't boast "biggest and best". It turns peopleoff, even if it is true. Being number one won'tsell any product for you.

Remember, the Yellow Pages is generally areference tool. People look for a name theyrecognize (or can't remember) or for a name givenby a friend. Your ad should help them remember.The only other use of the Yellow Pages is to lookfor an emergency services. That's why you see lotsof tow truck ads and no ads from Sears. Designyour ad accordingly

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