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How to Create Ads that Sell with Little Effort

One of the main problems people find withmarketing, is the actual selling.How can you create ads which sell?

Well there are tons of articles, and payfor e-books to help you create ad copy, butthere is a free and easy way to createyour own ads which sell, sell sell.

Swipe them

I don't mean word for word, not even close,but keep your eyes and ears open to ideas.We are all bombarded with adverts daily, andthese are a goldmine to anyone trying to sellsomething.

The hard work's already been done, ad men havebeen paid small fortunes to make an ad whichwill sell something, all you need to do is modify it to your own product.

Don't feel guilty about it either, even thosehighly paid advertising companies do it, it'snot unusual to see one company using anothers successful campaign to piggy back their ownads onto giving them an instant boost.

As someone looking for ads which will make salesyou have a myriad of resources to swipe from, justkeep your mind open, and if something catches your eye make a mental note (or physical one)and see if you can't adapt it to your own products.

Before long you'll find yourself looking at newspapertelevision and magazine ads in a whole new light.No longer are they getting in the way of your passtime, now they're the beginnings of new ideasfor you to use in promoting your business, or products.

All the best advertising and marketing men have their swipe files, start your own today.

Doug Titchmarsh runs several sites including and and publishesan e-zine for marketers online and offwhich you can get by sending an email


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