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It makes no difference what media you use toadvertise, the rules are the same. Benefits,benefits, benefits.

Advertise benefits and your advertising will be asuccess. Take a poll, they don't care about cardealers, banks or tire stores. All they care aboutis "What's in it for me?".

The fact that your dealership has been number onein the mid-region for 3 straight years is notadvertising - it is bragging!

Explain what you have done for others. Tell whatyou can do for them. Remember the rule - it isalways about them - not about you! Look at theadvertising around you. Egads! Most of it isabout the advertiser. Especially that 20 footmug shot of the car dealer on the billboard.

Think benefits and you have a leg up onadvertising that works, rather than advertisingthat gets the neighbors to say "Hey, I saw you onthe billboard", or "..saw your picture in thepaper again." Trust me, strangers won't mentionyour picture. And that giant billboard pic won'tbring a sole through the door or get them to buyyour product.

The reason you see so much bad advertising is that"ego" sells and the newspapers and billboardpeople know it. You even hear people who can'tread stumbling through their own radiocommercials. Three friends mention it and theythink the advertising was a success and sign upfor more.

You don't need a picture of your building, youneed a description of what is inside and what itcan do for me. Don't tell me you have the largestselection, or latest styles and colors. Tell me ifyou don't have it in stock you can get itovernight. Don't tell me you have 20 years'experience. Tell me you'll show up on time, smellgood and fix my toilet, or I don't pay.

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Let the other guys flush their ad money with giantpictures of the staff, or TV commercials with thegrand kids shouting a slogan. You concentrate onWIIFM, What's In It For Me, and your advertisingwill work harder for you.

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