Advertising Information

7 Essential Elements for Profit-Pulling Ads

Advertising will make or break your business. It is crucialto your success that you learn to write great ad copy. Hereare a few simple concepts to get you there.

1. The Headline

This is THE most important part of your ad, especially when using online advertising. The point of theheadline is to grab a potential customer's interest andthen entice the reader to go on and read the rest of yourad. The best headlines tend to be those that emphasize thebenefits to the customer, ie. what your product or servicecan do for them, WHY they MUST have it - right now!

2. Formatting

If your ad is taking the form of a webpage, or any other adthat allows the use of HTML/formatting, take advantage of it. Make sure your headline stands out from the rest of your ad by using a larger font, bolding, italics (careful here:make sure it is readable, some fonts aren't), or a different color. Remember to ensure that the overall look is business-like.

Some ad sites (like AOL) allow you to post a graphic alongwith your ad: definitely do so! It will really make your adstand out compared to the ads of those who haven't botheredand makes you look much more professional.

If you're advertising to safelists or using any other typeof email advertising, use interesting characters to makeyour subject line stand out, some examples: >>


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